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A toolbox for data-driven hydrogeological insights

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HydroSight is a highly flexible statistical toolbox for quantitative hydrogeological insights. It comprises of a powerful groundwater hydrograph time-series modelling and simulation framework plus a data quality analysis module. Multiple models can be built for one bore, allowing statistical identification of the dominant processes, or 100’s of bores can be modelled to quantify aquifer heterogeneity. This flexibility allows many novel applications such as:

  1. Separations of the impacts from pumping and drought over time.
  2. Probabilistic estimation of aquifer hydraulic properties.
  3. Estimation of the impacts of re-vegetation on groundwater level.
  4. Exploration of groundwater management scenarios.
  5. Interpolation and extrapolation irregularly observed hydrograph at a daily time-step.

The toolbox can be used from a highly flexible and stand-alone graphical user interface (available here) or programmatically from within Matlab 2014b (or later).

What’s New

The next release of the stand alone application is out! It contains some exciting new features:

How many use HydroSight?

The number of downloads per releases are availabe at Git Hub Release Statistics. As of February 2021, there had been 810 downloads.

The number of users downloading the source code is however not provided by GitHub, bit GitHub does summarise the project web traffic.

Getting Started

To begin using the stand-alone application, simply download and install the above Windows 64bit executable (available here).

Next, visit the project wiki help to explore the graphical interface and types of models.

About the Researchers

HydroSight development was led by Dr Tim Peterson at Monash University, with contributons from colleagues and students at the University of Melbourne. To find out more see Tim’s Research Profile, Research Gate or Google Scholar

Alternatively, to stay connected with developments and new versions join us at LinkedIn or join the Google Groups discussion.


HydroSight has been generously supported by the following organisations:


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